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To avoid any further confusion, we are in support of REPAINTING the Keith Haring mural because it was Keith’s intention to have it be a permanent fixture in Melbourne, for all to enjoy.

Lend us your support!!

video footage of Keith in Melbourne, 1984

Keith’s thoughts on the life of his works can be considered in light of an interview he gave a few years later in 1988 to the Columbia University Art Review: “All of the things that you make are a kind of quest for immortality. Because you’re making these things that you know have a different kind of life. They don’t depend on breathing, so they’ll last longer than any of us will. Which is sort of an interesting idea, that it’s sort of extending your life to some degree.”

  1. Why is there NO mention (not even a photograph) of the rather large Kieih Haring mural in Collingwood, Melbourne in Australia anywhere on your website?
    And why the hell haven’t you people been campaigning emphatically for its restoration?!?!?!?!?

    Have you even seen the mural? Have you seen what the government has done to it??

    • Thank you for your comment. We have voiced our opinions about the mural on this blog and to the officials in melbourne. Unfortunately, the archive section of this blog expires old posts after a certain period of time. To rectify this problem, and to address your request, we will now post information about the melbourne mural in the PUBLIC ART section.

      Also, if you have any recent photos, we would love to see them. thank you.

  2. Keep it alive . . . if the wall is still standing, let it stand out!


  3. Now that the mural has been properly conserved and can now convey the the original intent of Haring, retain the artists original hand, and can be preserved for the long term, what are your thoughts?

  4. I am the student asking the questions in the video. Tom Jurkovic (Simunsen)

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