Keith Haring Foundation

Happy Birthday Keith!

In Anniversary on May 4, 2012 at 11:10 am

Photo by Tseng Kwong Chi 1988 © Muna Tseng Dance Projects Inc.
Haring artwork 1988 ©Keith Haring Foundation Used with permission

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  1. Wish you all success of your life, many more happy returns of the day, god blessing…. as long as as you like to live in this world…..god praises to you….

  2. as long as as you like to live in this world through lord praises wishes from me… wish you a happy birthday to you… god blessing

  3. Thank you Keith and google, I have been looking at these awesome paintings all my life and never knew who did them.

  4. […] His 1982 drawing Untitled is currently on display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, while the Brooklyn Museum of Art is also showing some of his work until July 8. More details about current and upcoming exhibitions are available via the Foundation website. […]

  5. I have 2 refrigerator magnets made by K. Haring and I had no idea who made then. I was given them two by a man that use to work out at Jack Lalane in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. I use to take care of his kids. I always cherish the magnets. One of the kids gave it to me one day he said “Here Mrs Isabel because you are the best.” Him and his sister are always in my heart.
    I am so happy now that I know who this artist was.

  6. […] showing some of his work until Jul 8. More sum about stream and arriving exhibitions are accessible via a Foundation website.For some-more on Google‘s doodles, meanwhile, see a slideshow above. Recently, a association […]

  7. As a boy I would ride around the subway system to get some adventure. It was around 76′-77′ and I was 9 or 10. One time I saw this guy drawing on another empty Ad space along the walls. I walked up behind him trying to understand what he was doing. I figured he worked for the city, but I remembered that the Ads were glued on. He must have a good job. I tilted my head back forth left and right waiting for the Ad to be revealed. I had a habit of twinkling my nose ( Like I Dream of Jeanie) as a way of saying What? Ha Ha
    He turned to me with two fists. No words were spoken. I picked a hand, and there’ a piece of chalk. He put that piece between his thumb and index finger, lifted the chalk to my eye’s.
    There was something magical about that day. Thanks again Mr. K. Haring for sharing your love.

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